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Advantages of ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine


ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine is independently developed and designed according to the needs of the market. It has the functions of automatic pneumatic paper suction and feeding, heating, and forming, automatic disc output, constant temperature control, automatic counting, stacking, and other functions, and can be directly matched with assembly line production.

ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine adopts a rapid hydraulic system, the pressure can reach 5T, and it has the advantages of being faster, more environmentally friendly, and more energy-saving than ordinary machine cylinders.

Compared with the traditional automatic paper plate machine, the ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine has recombined the principle of oil pressure and machinery, which has higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, more convenient Maintenance, and more humanized structural design and other advantages.

ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine is used to produce plates made of paper or aluminum foil. Round or square dishes and plates of different specifications and shapes can be produced by exchanging the molds.

Advantages of ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine

1. Independent research and development, the latest products
2. Using a fast hydraulic system, each station is 15-20 pcs/min faster than an ordinary machine
3. Paper feeding adopts mechanical work with stable performance. Compared with ordinary paper-dropping technology, the waste rate is greatly reduced to 2/10,000.
4. More user-friendly, with a built-in counting machine, automatic counting, and stacking functions, which can save half of the labor compared with ordinary machines.
5. It can be directly equipped with a packaging machine (the outer packaging film of the paper tray) and a labeling machine (labeling after packaging). Suitable for assembly line work.
6. It can produce all kinds of non-standard products fully automatically, with a 100% yield, which solves the problem that ordinary machines cannot complete.
7. The hydraulic oil is recycled to reduce emission pollution and low noise.

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