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Features of JYD-PJ1300 parallel paper tube machine


Nowadays, with the development of society, various industries are developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy saving. Everyone pays more and more attention to low-carbon environmental protection. JYD-PJ1300 parallel paper tube machine, in the packaging industry, paper tube packaging is becoming more and more popular. Both domestic and international markets pay attention to environmental protection. To achieve sustainable development, the paper tube machinery industry must adapt to the development of the times.

Paper tube packaging needs the support of paper tube raw materials, and paper tube machinery is essential. The production of related paper tube products includes paper tube machinery, slitting machine, tube cutting machine, roll paper slitting machine, self-adhesive slitting machines, automatic tube cutting machines, etc. The products are used in papermaking, printing, packaging, textile and stationery, and other industries are widely used.

In the actual use of a medium-sized JYD-PJ1300 parallel paper tube machine, at least 1 to 2 people are required to control the operation. As long as you put the paper that is just suitable for use into the parallel medium-sized paper tube machine, usually, the medium-sized paper tube machine uses active speed regulation, and this kind of medium-sized paper tube machine will not slip. Large deformation occurs, the pressure of the belt is large, the winding force is strong, and the working efficiency is high. The paper tube produced has good strength and a neat appearance. JYD-PJ1300 parallel paper tube machine is generally controlled and driven by a computer numerical control system so that the cutting work does not have a lot of resistance. The medium-sized paper tube machine is an imported product and can perform precise cutting work.

Features of JYD-PJ1300 parallel paper tube machine

1: Circular knife cutting, the paper tube machinery produced by Zhengzhou JYD Machine uses a circular cutting blade, and the use of a circular cutter makes the cut of the paper tube product cut by the paper tube machine more smooth.
2: There are nearly a hundred kinds of function settings, and nearly a hundred kinds of parameter settings of the paper tube machinery and equipment can be adjusted according to the needs of different users.

I believe that anyone who has actually operated a paper tube machine knows that when JYD-PJ1300 parallel paper tube machine uses a paper tube machine, printing and dyeing paper tube machines often have knives in a row. What are the reasons? The limit stroke is out of control quickly. This situation will cause some buttons of the paper tube machine to fail. In this case, it will cause an electric shock and the tool cannot be touched. The role of this will easily lead to the situation of continuous knives.

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