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Forming process of ZW-D Paper bowl machine


ZW-D Paper bowl machine is a multifunctional paper bowl-forming machine. It can make single and double E-coated salad boxes, pastry boxes, and takeaway boxes of various styles and sizes. The machine completes the carton through a series of actions such as automatic paper feeding, edge sealing, bottom punching, heating, knurling, and edge curling.

ZW-D Paper bowl machine adopts an advanced single-shaft transmission system, which not only avoids the disadvantages of traditional chain transmission but also makes the machine run more stably. At the same time, the machine adopts a closed automatic oil lubrication system, PLC control, multi-point monitoring and alarm, and automatic counting, it is an ideal paper bowl-forming machine.

Forming process of ZW-D Paper bowl machine

First of all, the paper used to make paper containers must be food-grade paper. Food-grade paper is mostly imported from Europe and the United States, and it is considered the best grade among paper materials. Then it must first go through the process of laminating, coating the paper surface with a material that is resistant to oil and water, and then proceed to the subsequent molding steps.

The coating is attaching a very thin layer of plastic material to the paper so that the paper bowl is resistant to oil and water and can hold beverages and soups for a long time. The selection of this layer of coating material is also related to the characteristics of the subsequent paper cups. This is the step to make the paper cup strong and beautiful.

After the coating process, the required pattern and color will be printed on the paper roll. The printing method can be divided into three methods: gravure, convex plate, and flat plate. The cost of gravure is too high, and it is rarely used now; letterpress printing uses paper rolls for continuous printing, and the required printing volume is relatively large. Lithographic printing cuts the paper into pieces and prints it, which is suitable for the manufacture of small-volume products. After the ink is applied, another layer of water light treatment will be printed for protection.

Some companies use the “in-ink printing” method, printing first and then laminating, and coating the ink in the laminating film. This production method has a higher consumption rate and therefore a higher cost. But no matter what printing method is used, the printing materials of containers that come into contact with food must be food grade to ensure the safety of food.

The printed paper of the ZW-D Paper bowl machine enters the cutter die to produce fan-shaped paper, which is the unfolded shape of the wall of the paper bowl. The fan-shaped paper is collected and sent to the forming machine, and the paper is then placed in the cup mold Roll out into a paper cup shape. At the same time, the mold provides heat at the seam of the paper, so that the PE is destroyed by the heat and bonded to each other, and the bottom of the paper cup is then glued. Immediately afterward, the mold pushes the mouth of the cup, so that the paper at the mouth of the cup is rolled down and fixed with heat, forming the rim of the paper cup. These several forming steps can be completed within a second.

The completed paper cups are then sent to the inspection machine to confirm whether the shape is complete without damage and whether the inner surface is clean and free of stains. The paper cups that have been inspected will enter the packaging process and wait for shipment.

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