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HBJ-D800 Automatic Paper Carton Erecting Forming Machine With High Speed

HBJ-D800 Carton erecting machine is an ideal choice to produce hamburger boxes, French fries boxes, food trays, lunch boxes, Chinese noodle boxes, hot dog boxes, etc. It adopts a micro-computer, PLC, alternating current frequency converter, vacuum-sucking paper feeding, auto gluing, automatic paper tape counting, and chain drive.


The automatic carton erecting forming machine directly forms the three-dimensional paper by stamping, it not only can hold solid or liquid food but also subtracts the action of opening the lunch box processed by the traditional box-gluing machine, but also greatly shortens the food boxing time and satisfies the environmental protection, sanitation, sealing, and fast circulation and other fast food requirements for packaging boxes. The carton-forming machine conforms to “CE” certification and also has the features of accurate and stable transmission, high production efficiency, and a small footprint.

carton forming machine

On the same machine, more than 10 different types and specifications of lunch boxes, French fries boxes, three-dimensional boxes, hamburger boxes, and other products can be manufactured just by changing the mold.

carton forming machine

Carton Forming Machine Advantages

Height adjustable;

Strong and strong;

Thickened fuselage;

High work productivity;

Fast box making/wide range;

Simple design, easy operation;

The large motor delivers smoothly;

High configuration of electrical components;

carton forming machine

HBJ-D800 Carton Erecting Machine Parameter

Type HBJ-D800 HBJ-D1200 HBJ-D2000
Production capacity 50-180 pcs/min 80-320pcs/min 100-300 pcs/min
Suitable Material: 200-600g/m2 card paper, PE coated paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper
Length: L100-450mm,degree:5°-40°


L100-450mm,degree:5°-40° L100-450mm, degree:5°-40°
Width: 100-600mm W100-400mm B100-600mm
Hight: 15-200mm H15-200mm H15-200mm
Total Power: 5KW 6.25KW 3KW
Total Weight: 1.8T 2.8T 2.2T
Overall Dimension: 3600 x1400 x 1700 mm 3600 x 1850 x 1700 mm 2300 x2200 x 2100 mm
power source: 380V /220V  50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ


Here is the paper carton erecting forming machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

HBJ-D800 Carton Erecting Machine Features

Carton forming
It can be adjusted according to different carton styles and sizes to produce various types of cartons;

PLC+ man-machine interface screen control
Complete the packaging processes such as carton output, paper feeding, gluing, forming, and collection at one time;

carton erecting machine

Carton rack
The stainless steel tube collection method is adopted, and the paper feeding can be replenished at any time without stopping;

Touch screen control panel
Graphical interface, easy to operate, convenient to adjust parameters and settings, saving manpower and material resources;

Electrical components
The high-power motor, strong power, large bearing capacity, fast and stable operation and transmission, and accurate control;

carton box products

If you also have any carton or box shape forming requests, welcome to contact us freely to send us your carton or box shape pics and W*X*H parameters, and we can recommend the suitable carton erecting forming machine types according to your specific request and send you the 100% free quotation online!!

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