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297A copy paper packing machine

The JYD-297A copy paper packing machine is a special equipment for packaging different specification copy paper using 70 – 80 grams of copper plate printed paper or printed shower membrane paper .


Performance and characteristic

Suitable for each copy paper manufacturer, packaging copy paper has three benefits :
① The packaging effect is clean and standard.
② JYD-297A copy paper packing machine replaces labor, machine packaging speed: 10 – 15 bags/min, about 700 boxes in 8 hours.
③ Reduces staff labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

Working principle of JYD-297A copy paper packing machine

The working principle of the machine is to take the mechanical linkage structure as the main body and rely on a series of cams inside the machine to drive the connecting rods and working parts to complete. Adopt multi-function digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation: PLC programmable control design technology, realize the principle of feeding paper, wrapping, spraying glue, pressing seal, conveying, and so on.
The JYD-297A copy paper packing machine interface can be realized by using a touch display screen, which can complete the functions of programming settings, control operation, tracking display, fault stop, and so on.

Main Parameter

Model JYD-297A
Capacity 10-15 Ream/Min
Automatic paper feeding function for sheet wrap 10-15 Pcs/Min
Packaging specifications 210×297×50-60mm(according to A4 copy paper 500 laminated height)
Specification for outsourced paper (length and width) 550-560mm×386mm
Electric request 380v,3 phase, 4 lines
Total Power 8KW
Actual Power 3.1kw when production
Compressed power 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Overall Size 4100mm×3100mm×1950mm
Adhesive hot melt adhesive
Personnel requirements 2 people (preferably mechanical with 2 years experience in other machines)

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