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360 Degree Paper Tube Curling Crimping Machine For Sale

JYD-JB6 360-degree paper tube curling machine suitable for a large quantity of all kinds of packaging box production, such as joyful cans, mosquito-repellent incense boxes, food cans, etc.


Paper tube curling crimping machine is a device used to process the edges of paper tubes. It can curl the edges of the paper tube to make it stronger and more durable. This machine is usually driven by an electric motor and uses a series of rollers and blades to complete the hemming process.

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How To Use The Paper Tube Crimping Machine?

The paper tube crimping machine operation is relatively simple. You only need to place the paper tube at the feed port of the machine and then start the motor. The machine automatically secures the paper tube and feeds its edge into the crimping device. The curling device consists of a pair of rollers and a blade. The rollers curl the edges of the paper tube, and the blade is used to trim excess paper.

Here is the paper tube curling machine youtube video working process in our facotry for your reference!!

Automatic Paper Tube Curling Machine Features

1. Pneumatic automatic feeding ensures the accuracy of the height of the paper tube;
2. Six-station automatic cycle rotation, easy operation, internal and external hemming;

Paper Tube Curling Machine Parameters

Model JYD-JB6
Tube diameter 30-160mm
Tube wall-thickness 0.7-1.5 mm
Tube length 50-350 mm
Working air pressure 0.6 MPA
Main motor 1.1 KW
Product speed 10-40 / min
Operate mode Automatically cycle rotation
Mainframe size 1050*850*1800 mm
Weight 500 KGS
paper tube curling machine details

Paper Tube Curling Machine Advantages

Paper tube automatic curling;
The paper cover is automatically glued;
Finished products are automatically discharged;
Frequency control, adjustable working speed and low energy consumption;


The paper tube crimping machine is a very practical equipment that can improve the quality and appearance of the paper tube and increase production efficiency. However, there are some restrictions and requirements that need to be noted during use and maintenance to ensure the normal operation and long-term use of the machine.

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