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350A Two-head CNC paper tube machine

JYD-JG350A Two-head CNC paper tube machine is suitable for the production of various industrial paper tubes such as tapes, webs, chemical fiber tubes, packaging paper cans, etc.



Technical parameter
 Paper layer 2-12layers
Inner diameter 50-350(mm)
 Thickness 1-8(mm)
 Speed 0-25(m/min)
Fixed length mode Numerical control (light control)
Winding head Two head
Cutting method Circular knife CNC automatic
Gluing method Double-sided glue
way to control Numerical control
Input voltage 380V/220V
Number of operators 1-3
Total weight 3736kg
Core winding die fixing Flange
Mandrel 1
Tube belt 1Pieces
Unloading rack Stainless steel automatic
Application tools 1 set


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