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Semi-automatic Small Paper Tin Can Capping Machine Manual Sealer

JYD-TDFJ160 small paper tin can capping machine is suitable for sealing paper cans, tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, plastic cans, and other round cans. Reliable in quality and easy to operate, it is an essential and ideal equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


The small paper tin can capping machine is an efficient and reliable piece of equipment widely used in the food and beverage industry. Its unique design and powerful function can effectively seal paper cans and keep products fresh and hygienic.

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This tin can sealing machine adopts semi-automatic operation, which is easy to operate and does not require excessive manpower investment. Just place the paper can on the machine and the machine will automatically complete the sealing process. This greatly improves work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of staff.

Small Paper Tin Can Capping Machine Features

1. The can capping machine has the function of sealing and making the screw thread;
2. The can capping machine is suitable for alcohol, the chemical industry,  medicine, and cosmetics;
3. This can capping machine applies to all kinds of Aluminum cans, including PE plastic cans with metal or aluminum caps;
4. JYD-TDFJ160 Semi-automatic desktop type paper can sealing machine manufactured down to the cap top tightly by the energy of the motor, completing the cap lock together with the locking;

Here is the tin can sealing capping machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tin Can Capping Machine Parameters

Model JYD-TDFJ160
Power 0.37Kw
Boundary dimension 340*600*750mm
Weight 48kg
Applicable bottle diameter 40-130mm
Applicable bottle height 40-200mm (customized)
Production capacity 20-30times / minute
Degree of automation semi-automatic
Voltage 220v

Semi-automatic Tine Can Sealing Machine Details

Safety operation panel
The use of a brand new operation panel makes the operation safer and clear at a glance;

Pure copper core motor
The machine motor is made of high-quality copper core, which has a long service life and more power;

Rotary shaft kit
The machine’s rotating shaft kit adopts a thickened shaft to effectively protect the operation of the motor;

tin can sealer

The semi-automatic desktop tin can sealing machine is a very practical equipment suitable for sealing paper cans of various specifications. It not only improves work efficiency and reduces the burden on staff, but also ensures product quality and hygiene. In the food and beverage industry, this equipment plays an important role, contributing to business growth and customer satisfaction.

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