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BT-01 Automatic Textile Paper Cone Making Machine With Single Cone

JYDBT-01 Paper cone making machine the paper winding unit is an ideal semi-finished product that undergoes internal and external printing, internal and external edging, paper cutting, gluing, homogenizing, paper cutting, winding, and automatic tube unwinding of raw paper.


A textile paper cone machine is a device used to produce paper cones, usually used in the spinning and weaving process in the textile industry. The paper cone manufacturing machine’s main function is to roll paper into cones for use on textile machines. Paper cones play a very important role in the textile industry as they are used to wind yarn and textiles for subsequent processing and production.

paper cone making machine

Textile paper cone machines usually consist of multiple parts, including a paper take-up part, a winding part, and a control system. The paper take-up part is responsible for removing the paper from the paper roll and feeding it into the winding part, and the winding part is responsible for rolling the paper into a cone shape. The control system is used to monitor and regulate the operation of the machine to ensure the stability and efficiency of the production process.

The operation process of a textile paper cone making machine usually includes the following steps:

First, the paper take-up section removes the paper from the paper roll and feeds it into the winding section;
The winding section then rolls the paper into a cone shape;
Finally, the finished paper cones are sent to textile machines via conveyor belts or other means for use.

Here is the paper cone-making machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

The entire operation process requires precise control and adjustment to ensure that the paper cones produced meet quality requirements.

Textile Paper Cone Making Machine Parameter

1. Paper Winding Unit

Dimension 6200x2200x1400mm Pneumatic components  AirTAC
 Power 12.63KW photoelectric  Omron
Speed 30-60pcs/min  Xinling
Platform materials Front platform SS50mm  Sliding table Tengqi
  Back platform SS25mm reducer Newstar
Frame materials 50×100  Triangle belt SANLUX
  100×100  Casting 250# Gray iron
PLC Delta  Big shaft  The linear hard optical axis
Servo Controller Delta Electrical appliances CHINT
servo motor Delta Production specifications 3°4°5°9°
Interface Delta Voltage 380V 50HZ/60HZ
Motor Rongcheng Huali vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaner for dust
Deceleration Motor Zhongda Dianji Glue pump diaphragm pump
paper cone making machine details

2. Drying Equipment

Dimension 7600x1200x3200mm
Whole machine drive 1.7KW
Electric heating power 31.6KW
  Customers can customize steam and coal as a heat source
 Speed 30-60pcs/min
 Chain 50.8 double pitch, one-inch heavy chain
 Control System Shared cabinet control with a host
 Big frame No. 8 national standard channel steel
 Main Frame 160×80 national standard rectangular tube
 Warming National standard fireproof, glass woolboard
 Deceleration Motor Zhongda Dianji
paper cone drying machine

JYDBT-01 Paper cone-making machine based on many years of production experience, the most ideal drying equipment is specially made by adopting the best of hundreds of companies. The heat source can be equipped in various forms such as electric drying, coal drying, and steam drying.

3. JYDBT-01 Paper cone-making machine post-sequence finishing parts

In this post-sequence finishing part, the semi-finished paper tube from the drying box is automatically loaded, oiled, held the head, crimping, napped, punched V-shaped port, counted and inserted, etc. to complete the final processing of the paper tube.

 Dimension 2500x1500x1400mm
Power 9.4KW
Speed 30-60pcs/min
Platform materials 22 mm steel plate
Frame materials National standard 60×80 rectangular tube
PLC Delta
Interface Delta
cylinder AirTAC
Motor Rongcheng Huali
Deceleration Motor Zhongda Dianji
photoelectric Omron
Triangle belt SANLUX
Electrical appliances CHINT
Big shaft The linear hard optical axis
Bearing Haerbin
vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaner for dust
paper cone forming machine

The textile paper cone machines have an important impact on the production efficiency and product quality of the textile industry. By using this machine, textile mills can more quickly produce paper cones that meet specifications, thereby increasing the efficiency of textile production. At the same time, the quality of the paper cone is also guaranteed because the machine can precisely control the paper-taking-up and winding process, ensuring the stability and consistency of the finished product.

textile paper cone making machine details

With the development of the textile industry and the application of modern production technology, textile paper cone machines are constantly being improved and updated. New textile paper cone machines usually have higher production efficiency and more precise control systems, which can better meet the requirements of textile mills for production equipment. At the same time, some machines also have intelligent characteristics, which can realize automated production, reduce manual operations, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

In general, the textile paper cone machine is an indispensable production equipment in the textile industry, and it has an important impact on the efficiency and product quality of textile production. With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, it is believed that textile paper cone machines will play a more important role in the future and promote the development of the textile industry in a more efficient and smarter direction.

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