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Kuwait customer Q5-1500 pipe cutting machine running video sharing


Some time ago, Kuwait customers purchased Q5-1500 pipe-cutting machine equipment from our company. After purchasing this product, customers are very satisfied with the quality, performance, and production efficiency of this equipment produced by our company, and the price of this equipment is also relatively reasonable. After the customer purchases, we do not have a fast delivery speed, and the integrity of the machine can also be guaranteed during the transportation process.

After that, after the customer received the equipment, he didn’t know much about our machine and could not start work immediately. Then our after-sales service patiently helped the customer to answer, and the video helped the customer to solve the installation and after-sales service. Customers are also very satisfied with our after-sales work. After the customer’s equipment can operate normally, we ask the customer to send the working video of the pipe-cutting machine. Customers who have consulted the pipe-cutting machine in this regard can share this case with other customers.

The Q5-1500 pipe-cutting machine purchased by Kuwait customers has a thickness of 10mm, which is very similar to another pipe-cutting machine sold by our company, a single-knife CNC pipe-cutting machine. These two devices have similar functions and appearances. It is also very similar. Customers in need can directly contact our company’s sales manager. We will recommend the most suitable equipment for you according to your needs, and the thickness and length of the pipe to be cut, which will save you a lot of money. reduce labor costs, improve your production efficiency, and bring you greater benefits. And we can also arrange factory tours and site visits for you, operating machines on site, etc. Welcome to Henan YZH Machine Co., Ltd.

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