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Main components of A4 paper crosscutting machine


The A4 paper crosscutting machine produced by Henan YZH Machine Co., Ltd. is an A4 paper-cutting machine that integrates electrical automation, a PLC control system, and mechanical automation. It is widely used in copy paper, high-grade paper, and cultural office paper. , and the unit is a continuous production mechanical product from paper roll unwinding to paper cutting, counting, conveying, and ream paper discharge, and it is also the most complete set of processing and production equipment series produced by our company. The big users have won unanimous praise in the paper industry, paper industry, and printing industry!

Main components of A4 paper crosscutting machine

1. Four sets of shaftless ground lifting unwinding racks, the maximum diameter of the paper shaft is 1200MM;
2. Four sets of advanced control tension systems;
3. Four sets of anti-warping mechanisms;
4. Five sets of upper and lower knife sets for slitting and slitting;
5. A4 paper crosscutting machine A set of synchronous cross-cutting upper and lower knife sets;
6. Three sets of high-speed paper feeding systems;
7. Two sets of low-speed paper feeding systems;
8. Waste paper discharge device;
9. 2D oscillating ream collecting device;
10. PLC ream paper counting device;
11. The ream paper is discharged vertically and horizontally;
12. A complete set of PLC fault alarm and shutdown systems;
13. A complete set of PLC control equipment;

Main technical specifications of A4 paper crosscutting machine

Working width: Gross width: 900mm; Net width: 870mm
Number of cuts: 4 cuts—A4 short side 210mm
Paper shaft diameter: max1200mm; min600mm
Diameter of paper core: 6″(152.4mm)
Paper grade: high-grade paper such as high-grade copy paper, high-grade writing paper, high-grade offset paper, etc.
Paper weight range: 60-100g/m2
Paper cutting length: A4 paper crosscutting machine is designed to process A4 paper, the cutting length of A4 paper is 297mm on the long side
Ream count: 500 pages, ream height (max) 65mm
Design speed: max 150m/min
Cut times 505 times/min
Ream paper discharge cycle: 4.04/min
Production running speed: max 120m/min (according to different paper)
Cut times: 404 times/min
Ream paper discharge cycle: 3.2 times/min
Paper cutting load: (max) 400g/m2 (4x100g/m2)
Paper cutting accuracy: tolerance ±0.2mm
Paper cutting conditions: 1. The speed remains unchanged 2. The paper shaft cannot be broken 3. All paper webs are cut at one time 4. Qualified paper is required
Transmission: AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation
Main power supply: 3x380V 50HZ
Control voltage: 220V AC/24V DC
Installed capacity: (approx) 45KW
Compressed air consumption: (approx) 300NL/min
Compressed air pressure: 6bar
Trim: 10mmx2

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