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Main technical parameters and performance advantages of paper tube equipment


In fact, the paper tube equipment includes several different production equipments. This is because, in actual production, many types of equipment are often used to complete the production task. Among them, the most commonly used paper tube equipment are paper tube slitting machines, spiral paper tube machines and paper tube machines, and so on.
With the development of technology, there are already many paper tube equipment whose technical level has been significantly improved. For example, some of them use intelligent CNC unattended automatic glue spraying technology. In practical applications, this technology has shown great advantages. Analyzed from the production situation, the diameter of its reel is 20 to 200 mm, and the number of reels can reach 3 to 16 layers. Under normal operation, the coiling speed can reach 3 to 16 meters per minute.

For users, the thickness of the paper tube processed by this type of paper tube equipment ranges from 1 to 10 mm. The transmission mode used is chain transmission. The control mode is to use a multi-point operation panel and winding head.
Two machine heads and a single belt. In the process of operating this equipment, two to three staff are generally required. The gluing method adopted by this equipment is full CNC automatic gluing.
Comprehensive analysis, in fact, paper tube equipment has many advantages, which is very important for the operator. For example, the equipment contains more than 80 function settings, and users can freely set the operating conditions of the machine according to production needs. In addition, during the operation of the equipment, intelligent CNC unattended automatic glue spraying can be realized, which not only runs efficiently but also has a high level of automation and simple operation.
During the operation of the paper tube equipment, not only can it maintain stable and reliable performance, but its operating noise is also very small, within 65 decibels. At the same time, the tools used are made of high-quality materials, which can ensure long service life. And the cut of the paper tube equipment is very flat and beautiful.

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