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MY-PLBA Paper lunch box forming machine

MY-PLBA Paper lunch box forming machine is a fully automatic paper product forming equipment, combined with pneumatic and mechanical actions, it has the advantages of fast speed, simple operation, environmental protection, etc.


Action program control, fault monitoring, and other functions. This machine adopts its own hot air generating device, which is suitable for single PE coated paper, kraft paper, etc., and is used to produce single-compartment disposable paper rice boxes with lids, paper lunch boxes, etc.

The rated speed of the MY-PLBA Paper lunch box forming machine is 30-40 times per minute. It integrates automatic systems such as feeding monitoring, paper feeding monitoring, forming monitoring, and collecting monitoring. If there is a failure, the machine will stop and give an alarm.

Technical Specification of MY-PLBA Paper lunch box forming machine

Model MY-PLBA Paper Lunch Box Forming Machine
Production Capacity 30-45 times/min(Speed is affected by box size)
Maximum Size 350 x450mm (Paper Size which has not formed)
Max Paper Convey Width 240mm
Suitable Material 100-400g/㎡ (PE Coated paper)
Total Power 3KW
Power Source 220V/380V 50Hz or other required
Total Weight 700 KG
Packing Size 1550 (L) x 1350(W) x1800(H)mm
Working Air Source Air pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa (Need to buy compressor)

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