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Notes of automatic paper plate machine


ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine is independently developed and designed according to the needs of the market. It has the functions of automatic pneumatic paper suction and feeding, heating, and forming, automatic disc output, constant temperature control, automatic counting, stacking plates, etc., and can be directly matched with assembly line production. It is an ideal equipment for producing round paper plates, square paper plates, and special-shaped paper plates (discs) of various specifications. ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine Compared with the traditional automatic paper plate machine, it is redesigned to use the principle of mechanical movement, with higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, more convenient maintenance, and more humane Advantages such as optimized structural design. ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine adopts a fast mechanical cam, and the maximum pressure can reach 4T. Compared with the ordinary machine cylinder, it has the advantages of being faster, more environmentally friendly, and more energy-saving.

Performance and structural features of automatic paper plate machine

ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine passes through, the upper and lower molds are heated, and the lower mold moves up and down under the drive of the cylinder to complete the thermoforming of the paper plate. Easy operation, convenient maintenance, high yield.
After the installation user purchases the molding machine, the machine should be placed on flat and solid ground, and the machine should be adjusted to the level.

Notes of automatic paper plate machine

1. Before using the ZP-D400 Automatic paper plate machine, please read this manual and operating procedure carefully to avoid damage to the machine due to wrong operation.
2. For safe production, the ground wire must be connected to the position specified on the sign.
3. Full-time personnel should be arranged for operation and maintenance.
4. Before starting the machine, check whether there are sundries on and in the machine table, and keep it clean.
5. After shutting down, the main power should be turned off before cleaning.

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