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Paper Tube Machine Development Opportunities and Challenges


Paper tube machine green packaging is a high-tech form of packaging. From raw materials, to packaging design and manufacturing, to product recycling, every link must be resource-saving, efficient and harmless. The green packaging of paper tube machines has attracted worldwide attention, and its research should be considered from the whole process of development, design, production, use, and disposal. In addition, paper tube machine packaging focuses on the development of low-weight, high-strength, and lightweight high-end paper packaging to achieve the goals of standardization, serialization, multi-variety, multi-substrate, and multi-purpose.

Circular economy is a kind of economic increase mode that takes efficient utilization of resources as the core, low consumption, low emission and high efficiency as the basic characteristics, and conforms to the concept of sustainable development. The fundamental change of the traditional resource-based economic increase model of “abandoned” paper tube machines will encounter an inevitable bottleneck in the development-environmental problems. While developing the economy, we must also consider the protection of the environment. Realizing the integrated development of forestry and paper industry is the most effective way for the country to solve the contradiction between paper industry and environmental problems. For the paper tube machine industry, the integration of forestry and paper is an important measure to promote the coordinated development of the paper tube industry and forestry.

The sustainable development of paper tube machinery and the environment is essentially to deal with the relationship between social and economic development and environmental protection. Local governments should also coordinate the relationship between the environment and the economy while developing the local economy, which is currently an important issue facing the government and the society. The raw material paper tubes of the paper tube machine industry are made of paper. The source of these papers is mountainous areas, but forest lands. In the process of producing raw materials, there will be problems between protecting the original forests and building new fast-growing forests. Especially when the mountain people use more forest land, so the current focus is to coordinate all aspects.

In the development of society, we should not only consider the current interests and damage the environment, if the environment is destroyed, it will be an irreparable regret. We should consider the development of our next generation, leave them a blue sky, fresh air, these precious wealth let them suffer for a lifetime. For the paper tube machinery industry, the coordinated development of paper tube machines and the environment is not only a must for ecological harmony, but also a policy requirement.

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