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Preparation before running TSJG-200 Model paper tube machine


With the widespread use of paper tube machines, many users will have various problems when using the device. So in order to use the paper tube machine more safely and reliably, what preparations should be done before running it? The following takes the TSJG-200 Model paper tube machine as an example to introduce to you the preparations that need to be done before the operation of the paper tube machine.

Preparation before running the TSJG-200 Model paper tube machine

1. Prepare the raw material paper bag before using the paper tube machinery and equipment. We cut the base paper into paper tapes of the width we need for use. How to determine the relationship between the width of the paper tape and the inner diameter of the paper tube? You can learn about the coiled paper tape. Angle and width calculation method, but here you should pay attention to the width of the first sheet of paper to be the same as the width of the belt or 1.2mm wide.
2. Apply lubricating oil to the bottom paper: The bottom paper is used as the part of the fixed mandrel that rotates toward the cutting head. Since the fixed mandrel of the TSJG-200 Model paper tube machine equipment does not move and the paper tape needs to rotate on the surface of the mandrel, in order to reduce friction Just grease the inside of the base paper. It is recommended that you can break through silicone oil, vegetable oil, liquid paraffin, etc., and you should pay special attention not to apply too much lubricating oil to cause the paper tape to slip. However, if too little lubricating oil is applied and the wrong type of lubricating oil is used, the paper tape will not be able to be used on the mandrel. In order to ensure the high quality of the paper tubes produced by the paper tube machinery, we should pay attention to the same speed of the paper tape and the speed of the drive belt, and the correct angle of the paper tape.
3. Prepare the binder: the second layer and all subsequent layers should use the binder (usually dry chemical paste) in the production process of the paper tube.
4. Wiring preparation: After we connect the paper tube mechanical equipment to the three-phase power, the paper tube machine should be tested for no-load operation (observe whether the motor selection direction is correct), and then connect the excitation current to the clutch to let the output After the shaft and the motor rotate in the same direction, adjust the potentiometer on the adjustment controller, then the head of the paper tube mechanical equipment can start to operate normally.
5. Air pipeline preparation: If we use compressed air to cut the pipe, we need to connect the air pipe with rated air pressure.

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