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The development prospect of paper bag-making machine


If the current paper bag machine equipment has done a good job in automation, which provides great convenience for the production of paper bags and reduces manpower input, then in the future, CY-450 Middle sealing paper bag-making machine will be towards intelligent Development in the direction of globalization provides more favorable conditions for economic development and improvement of people’s living standards.

At present, the amount of paper consumed in our country every day is very large, with broad development space and market potential. The packaging industry is also transforming and fighting the changes in the living habits of our people and the improvement of environmental protection requirements and is becoming more environmentally friendly. The development of safe paper bags will promote the improvement of the overall quality of the industry.

In general, my country’s packaging machinery industry started relatively late, and now the overall domestic economic environment, development methods, and labor costs are changing. Relying on price advantages for development has led to disorder, duplication of production, technical level, and R&D capabilities in the market competition mechanism. Phenomena such as dependence on the industry are not uncommon and have become the shackles of the development of the industry.

If my country’s paper bag machine industry is still in the stage of working for foreign packaging equipment companies, it will be eliminated and bankrupt, unable to actively respond to the diverse challenges of the market, and without its own R&D team, the industry is in the modern competition for enterprises It’s a sad thing.

In recent years, my country’s investment in the packaging industry and the results seen are not small. The development of my country’s packaging machinery industry should use the method of first intervening and then improving to learn from advanced enterprises and improve technical capabilities. The focus should be on the direction of intelligence development.

In the development and production of the CY-450 Middle sealing paper bag-making machine, the improvement of intelligence includes many contents, such as an automatic operating system, flexibility that is one machine with multiple functions, high precision, and high-efficiency completion, automatic fault recovery function, multi-machine The interconnection function, safety, energy saving, and environmental protection requirements are met. Improvements in these aspects have reduced the production costs of customer companies and boosted the humanization content of products in this industry.

We should see this trend early and make preparations in advance, based on higher-quality equipment so that enterprises can achieve better development and the industry can directly match the international advanced level.


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