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The paper cup machine industry needs new product development


WT-D Double wall paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic forming machine, which automatically feeds paper (printed and cut fan-shaped paper), seals (ultrasonic sealing paper cup wall), oils (lubricates the upper roll mouth) ), bottom punching (automatic punching of cup bottom from roll paper), heating, knurling (cup mouth forming) and cup unloading collection and other continuous processes, as well as functions such as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, and counting. It is an ideal equipment for producing beverage paper cups, tea cups, coffee paper cups, advertising paper cups and market paper cups, ice cream paper cups or other disposable cone-shaped food paper containers.
WT-D Double wall paper cup machine is an ideal equipment for producing “single-sided PE coated and double-sided PE coated” paper cups. This machine is easy to operate (one person), stable performance, less land occupation, high efficiency, it is the first choice for investment and entrepreneurship.

A product needs to be developed and researched for new functions and products after a period of use. If the WT-D Double wall paper cup machine remains unchanged, it will be easily eliminated. Therefore, if you want to be popular all the time, the paper cup machine must be Carry out new product development.

1. The technical content of paper cup machines is increasing day by day: some existing paper cup machines in my country have low technical content, while many advanced technologies have been applied to paper cup machines abroad.

2. The paper cup machine market is increasingly monopolized: It is predicted that as foreign companies enter the Chinese market, some domestic uncompetitive paper cup machine companies will be acquired, merged or bankrupted by foreign companies, and some products will be monopolized by several large companies.

3. Specialization in the production of paper cup machine parts: the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general capabilities of paper cup machines and the entire system. Therefore, the specialization of the production of paper cup machine parts is an inevitable trend of development.

Many parts are no longer produced by paper cup machine factories, but by some general standard parts factories, and some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. The really famous paper cup machine factory will probably be an assembly plant. This is because many control components or structural components of the paper cup machine are the same as general equipment and can be borrowed.

4. Towards multi-functional and single high-speed polarization. The ultimate goal of WT-D Double wall paper cup machine is to increase productivity and diversify products. This makes the product specifications of paper cup machines develop in a polarized direction, that is, multi-function and single high-speed.

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