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ZB-D Fully Automatic Paper Cup Making Forming Machine For Sale

ZB-D paper cup machine is the ideal equipment for producing drinking cups, market cups, coffee cups, advertising cups, etc.


A paper cup-making machine is a fully automatic machine for making paper cups, which consists of a series of automated steps designed to increase production efficiency and reduce manual operations. This machine uses paper rolls as raw materials, through multi-row automatic paper feeding, paper anti-return device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, mechanical hand paper tube transfer, oil filling, bottom punching, bottom folding, preheating, knurling, unloading, etc. Cups and other continuous processes, transforming them into formed paper cups, can stably produce paper cups of various specifications.

paper cup making machine

Automatic Paper Cup-Making Machine Advantages

1. The main motor adopts a Taiwan gear reduction motor and adopts NSK imported bearings from Japan.

2. Parts are produced in a standardized manner, with strong versatility, good interdependence, and easy equipment maintenance.

3. It adopts the whole fuselage square steel structure, and the weight of the frame has reached 1.5 tons. It is not more compact and stable under high-speed operation.

4. The fully automatic closed lubrication system is adopted, without manual lubrication, which can ensure the high-speed operation of the machine for a long time without interruption.

Paper Cup-Making Machine Details

Multiple feeds
Three times of paper feeding and multiple adjustments to avoid unevenness on both sides of the paper cup;

Cylindrical cams and grooved wheels make the machine more stable and wear-resistant for a long time under high-speed operation;

Lubrication system
Fully automatic and automatic control of oil lubrication, eliminating the need for a manual timing lubrication system! Make the machine run in good condition;

Single-disk bottoming
The machine’s single-disk bottoming and cup-up strokes offset the faults of paper jams and bottom turning, which greatly increases the production output of the machine;

The grooved wheel is used inside the machine to connect the various positions more tightly, and the machine is not easy to loosen during the operation, and the work is more accurate;

Here is the fully automatic paper cup manufacturing process in our factory for your reference!!

ZB-D Paper Cup Machine Parameter

Type: ZB-D
Cup size: 2.5-12oz(if the cup is more than 12oz the machine designed more lager )
Suitable paper material: 150-380g/m2(single PE-coated paper)
Capacity: 50-70pcs/min
Power source:: 380V 50HZ
Total power: 4KW
Weight: 2000kgs
Package size: 2600 x 1350 x 1700 mm
Working Air Source: Air pressure 0.4Mpa;Air out-put:0.6m3/min

Paper Cup Manufacturing Process

First, the cup former feeds the roll of paper into the infeed section of the machine. The paper is then heated and pressed for a period of time to make it soft and easy to shape. Next, the machine feeds the heated paper into a forming die, where mechanical force and pressure mold it into the shape of a cup.

Once the shape of the paper cup is complete, the machine will send it to the next step, which is to seal the bottom of the cup. This is usually done by heating the bottom of the cup, making it sticky, and joining it to the sides of the paper cup. This way, the paper cup remains stable and prevents liquid from leaking.

paper cup

Finally, the cup former feeds the finished cups to the outfeed section, ready for packaging and dispensing. These paper cups can be used in a variety of places such as coffee shops, drink stands, and offices.

The emergence of paper cup-forming machines has greatly changed the production method of paper cups. It not only increases production efficiency but also reduces the need for manual operations. In addition, the paper cup forming machine can also ensure the quality and consistency of the paper cups, making them comply with hygienic standards.


All in all, a paper cup-forming machine is a very useful machine that can make paper cups quickly and efficiently. Its appearance makes the production of paper cups more convenient and economical and brings convenience to our lives.

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