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Components of RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine


RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine is a printing machine that uses a photosensitive resin soft plate as the plate material, commonly known as an “aniline printing machine”. It is suitable for printing non-woven fabrics, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bags, cellophane, roll paper, and other packaging materials. It is ideal printing equipment for food paper packaging, supermarket handbags, vest bags, clothing bags, and other packaging.

Features of RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine

1. The main motor adopts imported frequency conversion step-less speed regulation
2. Unwinding 1 adopts automatic matching tension.
3. The feeding device is controlled by an independent automatic deviation correction system.
4. RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine adopts ceramic anilox ink roller, which has the characteristics of long life, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, which can effectively improve printing efficiency by reducing the number of replacement anilox rollers
5. The printing unit adopts 360-degree week-to-plate adjustment. Each printing unit can be engaged or released individually so that other printing units can continue printing. Equipped with an automatic ejection device.
6. Each printing unit is equipped with a set of infrared drying devices.
7. The unwinding and winding device adopts the air-expanding mandrel clamping device
8. The ink roller can be automatically detached when the machine is parked and transferred at a low speed to prevent the ink from drying out
9. RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine can complete paper feeding, printing, infrared drying, die-cutting, waste discharge, slitting, and double receiving in one go.
10. Water-based ink printing, no pollution, environmental protection, and printing speed vary according to different network cables.

Components of RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine

1. Inking anilox roller: Japanese Murata ceramic anilox roller, line number 100PLI~1000PLI, high solubility at high speed, distinct printing layers, strong three-dimensional effect, and accurate registration;
2. Ink: automatic circulation system is adopted, and a single small motor is used for ink flow;
3. Speed regulation: Japanese frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the operation fluctuation is small;
4. Unwinding correction: adopt automatic photoelectric correction control system;
5. Unwinding and rewinding method: automatic tension control by magnetic powder;
6. Lifting and falling plate: adopt hydraulic automatic lifting plate;
7. Smooth roller: processed by special steel, and processed by a special process, and electroplated with 10 wire thick hard chrome protective layer, the beating is below 0.02mm;
8. Traction and guide rollers: use semi-sealed small bearings made in Japan, do static balance and dynamic leveling treatment, hard oxidation treatment, small resistance, small beating;
9. Drying device: There are three sets of ventilation, blowing, and heating devices, and the heating is controlled by the central constant temperature control system and grouped;
10. Fuselage: Thickened wall panels (75mm), lengthened bridges, and bases make the machine more stable;
11. RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine control system: PLC voice prompt device is adopted, start, stop, run, voice prompts automatically, the line adopts PLC control, the degree of automation is more perfect, and the equipment is more humanized.

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