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Development trend of RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine


With the development of the market economy, relying on huge market potential, strong development momentum, and close connection with other industries, the packaging industry has attracted more and more attention from people from all walks of life.

Against the background of the global economic sluggishness, the fast-growing packaging industry is also passively facing many problems: low-end overcapacity and packaging companies are deeply involved in vicious competition such as price wars. The main theme of environmental protection and green will increase the cost of production and operation of enterprises. With the development of the small-batch personalized market, the packaging orders of enterprises have many varieties and small quantities, and there are great changes. The export business has declined, and packaging companies need to switch from export product packaging to the mainland market.

Therefore, more environmental protection, high quality, and low price are the development direction of the RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine. Those technologies that can help packaging and printing companies reduce loss, reduce waste, and increase yield will be valued by more and more companies. The flexographic printing machine is such a technical product.

RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine in addition to high printing durability, the flexo plate also has the advantages of easy ink application and various printing media. More importantly, the printing ink it uses is water-based ink, non-toxic, non-polluting, and has obvious environmental protection advantages.

Development trend of RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine

1. The development of radio frequency tags and in-mold tag technologies will promote the rise of related markets, such as the demand for materials and equipment.
2. Screen printing can show special effects, such as three-dimensional effects and frosted effects, which can improve the grade of labels, but it is often not valued by people. The emergence of high and new technologies such as holographic positioning hot stamping, cold stamping, and laser die cutting has also brought more ideas to printing factories and equipment manufacturers.
3. With the continuous maturity of digital printing technology and the gradual expansion of application fields, especially the emergence of post-press processing units matched with digital printing systems. The development of digital label printing machines is just around the corner.
4. Flat, convex, flexible, and net combined printing machines are ideal: due to the diverse needs of label products in terms of aesthetics, anti-counterfeiting, and personalization, combining the advantages of various printing methods is the best choice to reflect the printing effect. Therefore, there will be more and more designs and applications of combined printing machines with flat, convex, flexible, and web functions. This is also the development direction of label equipment manufacturers.

Therefore, the development of the RY-4 colors paper cup flexo printing machine is very fast, so the functions are becoming more and more powerful to meet the needs of enterprise production.

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