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How Does A Paper Tube Making Machine Work


The paper tube-making machine is the mechanical equipment for producing paper tubes. The paper tube machine runs smoothly, has low noise, strong practicability, convenient operation, and high efficiency.

kraft paper tube making machine

Paper Tube Machine Working Principle

First of all, from the perspective of the working method of the paper tube machine, in the relay control circuit, when the power is turned on, all the relays in the circuit are in a restricted state, that is, the relays that should be pulled in are all pulled in together, and the relays that should not be pulled in are all in a restricted state. The relay is bound by certain conditions and cannot be closed. This working method is called the parallel working method. The PLC user program is executed in a certain order, so each soft relay is in the periodical cycle scanning connection, and the action order of each relay subject to the same condition is determined by the program scanning order. This operation method is called the serial homework method.

Secondly, from the perspective of the control method of the paper tube machine, the control logic of the electrical control system adopts hardware wiring, and the control logic is composed of series or parallel connections of relay mechanical contacts. The PLC uses computer technology, and its control logic is stored in the memory in the form of a program. To change the control logic, you only need to change the program, so it is easy to change or increase the system function.

Here is our paper tube-making machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Tube-Making Process

Hanging paper: independent paper rack, each rack can hang multiple paper rolls, and the number of paper racks is determined according to the number of layers of paper required by the customer;

Glue coating: There are various glue coating methods to choose from, such as single-sided glue coating, double-sided glue coating, spray-type glue coating, etc.; usually, automatic glue coating is used, and the thickness of the glue coating can be adjusted by a scraper; independent waxing The machine waxes the backing paper, electric heating and temperature controllable;

Forming: use high-strength steel pipes as molds, use handwheels and oil cylinders to adjust the tightness of the belts; it is more convenient to replace belts and molds, and paper tubes with different inner diameters can be produced on one machine; drive part of the paper separator: driven by high-power AC motors, equipped with a frequency converter to control the motor to work; the reducer and high-performance gearbox are used to connect the coiling wheel and the motor, and the work is stable;

Slitting: The pipe cutting machine equipped on the machine has a pneumatic type and hydraulic type, which can be selected. The circular knife or saw blade circular knife is used for slitting, and the slitting is accurate and stable; Data processing: PLC central processing system is used to control the main machine movement, photoelectric induction detection length, accurate positioning, automatic length counting; good cutting synchronization function; pneumatic and hydraulic types use a three-segment meter to control the cutting process; use LCD touch screen data input, CNC motor drive, cutting synchronization and accuracy optimal;

paper tube machine

Paper Tube Machine Operations Process

Turn on the paper tube machine: turn on the electrical isolating switch, press the EMERGENCY STOP RESET and READY TO RUN buttons, turn the key on the MACHINE to RUN, and check whether the voltage (380V) and current are correct and stable. Turn on the power switch of the hydraulic system, and check whether the oil level and pressure gauge display of the main hydraulic drive system are correct and stable. Open the pneumatic shut-off valve to check that the air pressure is correct and stable.

Paper tube machine setting control: set the cutting menu according to the film type, thickness, length, and width arranged in the cutting plan, set the winding length and width of the film with corresponding specifications, select the corresponding winding station, and adjust Press roller arm and press roller, and install the paper core of corresponding specification.


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