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How does the JYD-JG200 Four-head CNC paper tube machine meet user needs?


At present, the development trend of the newly developed CNC pipe machine at home and abroad is to develop in the direction of high performance, non-toxic and harmless, green environmental protection, high quality, low price, and easy to use. Among them, flexible packaging materials have developed from food packaging in the past to non-food packaging fields such as industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, and cosmetic packaging. It is understood that the use of green honeycomb cardboard has become a major trend, and EPS foam material, I will take some time to disappear. JYD-JG200 Four-head CNC paper tube machine set off a strong environmental protection wind in the packaging field.

In recent years, the global low-carbon environmental protection storm has spread to the packaging field. EPS foam, or expandable polystyrene (EPS), is a mixture of resin, physical blowing agent, and other additives. In recent years, although the foaming process of foamed plastics has replaced butane as a blowing agent, the residual butane in the foaming process still has adverse effects on the environment and workers’ health. Therefore, the production and use of the model JYD-JG200 Four-head CNC paper tube machine can better meet the needs of users.

What should I pay attention to before using the JYD-JG200 Four-head CNC paper tube machine? We know that every piece of equipment should be carefully inspected before use to ensure safe operation. Today, we will learn the issues that should be paid attention to before using the Four-head CNC paper tube machine.

Precautions for using JYD-JG200 Four-head CNC paper tube machine

First, check in detail the condition of each component, whether the electrical equipment and switches are in good condition, whether the wires are insulated, whether the screws and nuts are tightened, and whether the protective devices are safe. Add lubricating oil at each refueling point and allow the vehicle to idle for 1-2 minutes. The device can run only after it is normal.

Second, when cutting low, if a ventilated machine is used to cut paper, the height of the paper tube machine should not exceed 125mm, and it should be fixed with a positioning weight according to the size requirements. This machine can only cut paper, not other sheets. More than two people should cooperate with each other. When working, the paper tube machine must not put your hands under the iron and the blade to prevent cuts. If using a special paper cutter, do not reach into the rotating mandrel to prevent crushing.

Third, when closing the edge, prevent the trouser legs from being involved in the paper loading shaft; when adjusting the machine tool, pay attention to the abrasive cloth grinding hand.

Fourth, the JYD-JG200 Four-head CNC paper tube machine must be in charge of a special person, and misappropriation is strictly prohibited. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to place workpieces, cards, measuring tools, and other sundries in various parts of the machine tool. During the work period, employees are not allowed to leave the workplace without authorization.


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