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Main functions of paper tube fine cutting machine


Single knife CNC paper tube cutting machine adopts a unique suspended operation panel, which is more convenient. Using infrared to set the length, convenient and precise. Mechanical paper loading, reducing labor. Paper tape tension control system, the paper tape is compressed by the air cylinder, and the tension can be adjusted flexibly. Equipped with glue tank and tension control system, single-sided or double-sided glue depends on the strength requirements of the paper tube. Flexible design of the flanged shaft with tapered mandrel. It should be known that the fine cutting machine is composed of a base, a pulley, and a compression cylinder. It is characterized in that: the middle part of the fine cutting machine is equipped with a main shaft for processing paper tubes. The front end of the main shaft is fixed on the base with a set of bearings. A belt pulley is installed in the middle of the bearing. A compressed air cylinder is installed near the base, and a set of support rod bearings is installed on the upper end of the support rod of the cylinder to support the main shaft. The upper end of the precision cutting machine is equipped with a main knife shaft, and several blades are arranged on it, and are arranged according to a certain gap. The support frame of the main knife shaft that is also arranged on the top of the fine cutter is installed with a support cylinder in the middle of the support frame.

Features of Single knife CNC paper tube cutting machine

1. Humanized design of color touch screen, easy to operate;
2. The cutting time of each cutting pipe is only 0.5 seconds;
3. The circuit adopts PLC programmable control with stable performance;
4.Single knife CNC paper tube cutting machine has the functions of automatic closing, automatic clamping, automatic counting and automatic shutdown;
5. Fully automatic operation of production, automatic fault diagnosis and early warning to avoid damage to the machine;
6. Adopt servo system positioning, high-precision ball screw drive, cutting resolution is less than 0.01mm.

Main functions of paper tube fine cutting machine

1. Microcomputer length setting is adopted, and the cutting length is accurate; the touch screen is convenient for adjusting data.
2. It adopts man-machine interface and special operating system, which makes the operation easier.
3. Adopt three-axis cutting method.
4.Single knife CNC paper tube cutting machine reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. Three shafts have three functions respectively, one shaft for upper pipe, one shaft for cutting pipe, and one shaft for unloading pipe.
Reciprocating operation in this way reduces downtime, improves efficiency and reduces the workload of operators on pipe penetration. The operator only needs to move the paper tube to the paper tube drop rack of the machine.
5. After the tube is unloaded, the conveyor belt will send it away. It has an interface for pipeline connection with other post-processing or packaging equipment, which can greatly reduce labor, reduce production costs, and improve competitiveness.
With high machining precision, the length error of the finished paper tube can be controlled within plus or minus 0.3 mm.

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