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Maintenance skills of ZB-D paper cup machine


What are the maintenance skills of the ZB-D paper cup machine? How to repair the ZB-D paper cup machine if it encounters a fault? Regarding the maintenance and repair of paper cup machines, professional fitter skills are not required, but a little flexible mind is needed, and some basic principles of the cam mechanism, chain transmission mechanism, and indexing box are needed. Good lubrication and confinement of each part are necessary conditions for the normal operation of the machine, and the influence of the temperature control of each heater on the formed cup (bonding) If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause bursting or leakage at the bottom of the cup. But for domestic paper cup machines, the most troublesome part is the knurling roller. This part is the key point, and the pressure should not be too high. For ultrasonic welding machines, the frequency of the ultrasonic must be adjusted, and the pressure should not be too high. , and try to keep the pressure balanced.

In short, no matter what kind of paper cup machine, please pay attention to the timing of each part and the stability of each rotary table and platform. So when the ZB-D paper cup machine breaks down, the first thing to check is the above parts.

Features of ZB-D paper cup machine

1. Imported main materials, bearings, and torque are wear-resistant and suitable for long-term high-speed operation.
2. Imported motor frequency regulator and electrical control components, computer program control frequency converter, stepless speed regulation. And specially designed photoelectric detection, and fault alarm functions. The electrical performance is stable and the service life is long, especially suitable for the unstable voltage situation in our country.
3. Key components such as the gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch mold, control system, etc. are trouble-free and maintenance-free.
4. ZB-D paper cup machine adopts high-quality stainless steel table shell and contact parts, which are clean, antibacterial, anti-shock, anti-pollution, wear-resistant, and anti-aging.

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