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Packaging Innovation: Honeycomb Paper Board Making Machine


There is a growing emphasis on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. While disposable coffee cups are easily replaced by reusable cups, other types of everyday packaging are harder to replace. Despite this, innovative packaging manufacturers are working hard to develop solutions that can replace traditional uses and exceed their performance. Paper honeycomb packaging materials and their variations are one example. We will introduce some of the advantages and market prospects of honeycomb paper board making machine.


Benefits Of Honeycomb Paper Board Making Machine

Extremely tough

You may be wondering “How strong are honeycomb paper packaging solutions?” The honeycomb paper board making machine is an outstanding innovation. The honeycomb core and interlayer act as a traditional steel I-beam, which is often used in construction and civil engineering applications. Paper honeycomb is even stronger when combined with other materials such as plastic, fiberglass or metal. This type of box, like our foam lined boxes, is often used to transport more delicate technology.

Extremely lightweight

Unlike steel, paper honeycomb is very light and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than many other materials. That’s why the honeycomb paper board making machine is an excellent choice for packaging applications. Paper honeycomb packaging material allows businesses to significantly reduce the weight of their shipments while still enjoying the durability and protection it provides.

Fully Recyclable

In addition to all of the above properties, paper honeycomb packaging material is also 100% recyclable. In fact, it is often made from renewable and recycled paper and held together with a water-based adhesive. Paper honeycombs use much less paper in their construction than traditional cardboard and corrugated board. However, the reduction in paper does not reduce its strength; in fact, paper honeycombs have a compressive strength of up to 7 kg/cm2.


Paper honeycombs are generally cheaper to produce and purchase because they use less material than many traditional packaging solutions. In addition, businesses often save more than double when using paper honeycombs due to the savings in shipping and handling expenses.


While paper honeycombs are commonly used for panels and pallets, their applications are not limited to these. In fact, paper honeycomb panels are often die-cut into the exact shape and size that a business requires. This allows a variety of products to fit snugly within them, making them ideal for businesses that only produce a few different products. The simple slits on the back of the honeycomb panels allow them to be easily bent and formed around objects.


Honeycomb Paper Board Making Machine Markets

Industrial Applications

Here are some examples of how the paper honeycomb packaging produced by honeycomb paper board making machine and its durable, lightweight design are used in various industries around the world:

Automotive Industry

Honeycomb paper board is often used to transport parts in the automotive industry. Everything from engines and headlights to bumpers and filters can be shipped using die-cut paper honeycomb packaging. Recyclable packaging is not usually suitable for this type of application due to its high cost. Honeycomb paper board is not only used to transport automotive parts, but it is also incorporated into actual cars.

In January of this year, Ford Motor Company launched a new roof rack that features a honeycomb design using water-based glue and a durable fiberglass interlayer. According to Ford, this product can support 100 times its own weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Furniture Industry

You may not realize that honeycomb paper board is used in the design of a lot of wooden furniture. Furniture manufacturers can reduce their reliance on limited natural raw materials by sandwiching paper honeycombs between wooden boards. The finished product will also be lighter while maintaining the durability, rigidity and longevity of the furniture. Honeycomb paper board is then used to ensure that the furniture is delivered intact to the end user.


Textile Industry

Textile manufacturers can use honeycomb paper board with small holes drilled or die-cut to ship precious materials such as silk spools around the world. Lightweight and sturdy honeycomb paper packaging ensures that the goods are always safe and there is no additional shipping cost. In addition, because the honeycomb paper board has customized holes cut into it, the packaging can be reused many times, saving money and being environmentally friendly. As shown in the above example, honeycomb paper is an extremely versatile packaging material that can be widely used in various industries.

In order to reduce carbon footprint, most industries are embracing sustainable development. Honeycomb paper board making machine has a wide range of applications in various industries due to the durability, environmental friendliness and lightweight of honeycomb packaging materials. Honeycomb packaging has gradually replaced other packaging materials such as PUF, MDF, bubble film, EPE foam and particle board due to its flexibility and environmental friendliness.

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