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Paper Honeycomb Board Panel Manufacturing Process


Paper honeycomb panels are a lightweight, strong, and environmentally friendly material that is widely used in furniture manufacturing, the packaging industry, and the construction industry. It is made of pulp or cardboard and has excellent compression resistance and thermal insulation properties. During the manufacturing process, multiple processes are required, including raw material preparation, dipping, pressing, drying, and cutting.

Honeycomb Paper Board

First of all, the first step in making paper honeycomb panels is to prepare raw materials. The raw materials typically used are waste paper pulp or waste cardboard, which are processed and blended to ensure the quality and performance of the final product. At this stage, the raw materials need to be screened and cleaned to remove impurities and impurities.

Next comes the maceration process, where the raw material is soaked in a specific chemical solution to enhance its strength and durability. This process also allows the density and thickness of the cardboard to be adjusted to meet different application needs. After the impregnation is completed, the raw materials will be extruded into a honeycomb structure, which is one of the characteristics of paper honeycomb panels.

Pressing is one of the key steps in making paper honeycomb panels. By putting the impregnated raw materials into a honeycomb panels lamination machine, high pressure, and temperature are applied to form a strong structure. This process requires strict control of pressure and temperature parameters to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

Honeycomb Paperboard Laminating Machine

Drying is the last major process in manufacturing paper honeycomb panels. The raw materials are put into the drying chamber and the moisture is removed through heating and ventilation to achieve the required dryness. Drying time and temperature depend on the nature and thickness of the raw material and require precise control.

Finally, the dried paper honeycomb panels are cut into the required size and shape to meet the customer’s needs. The cutting process usually uses professional cutting equipment to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the product. After cutting is completed, the paper honeycomb panels can be packaged and shipped to the customer’s site.

Here is the paper honeycomb board panel manufacturing process YouTube video in our customer’s factory for your reference!!

In general, the paper honeycomb panels manufacturing process requires multiple complex processes and requires sophisticated equipment and technical support. By continuously optimizing and improving manufacturing processes, product quality and production efficiency can be improved to meet the needs of different industries. We hope this article will be helpful to the paper honeycomb panel manufacturing process and allow readers to have a deeper understanding of this field. And if you want to know more details about the paper honeycomb panels manufacturing process, weclome to contact us freely online!!

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