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What Are The Different Types Of Paper Tubes?


Paper tubes can be seen everywhere in our lives. In this blog, we classify paper tubes into different categories according to their uses and characteristics. The following describes the expansion of each paper tube:

paper tubes

The shape can be divided into:

Square paper tubes: square paper tubes are mainly used for gift box packaging, such as electronic equipment boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.;

Spiral paper tubes: spiral paper tubes are widely used, mainly used for film tubes, tape tubes, plastic wrap tubes, printing tubes, leather tubes, logistics packaging tubes, paper-making tubes, toilet paper tubes, cloth Tubes, tubes for spinning, tubes for agricultural plastic film, tubes for electronic fireworks, aluminum foil, steel strip, stainless steel plate, copper foil, and large-diameter weighing paper tubes for building supports. All dia spiral paper tubes can be made by the spiral paper tube-making machine.

spiral paper tube making machine

The production process can be divided into:

Parallel paper tubes: parallel or convoluted paper tubes, the outer sides of the paper tape are wrapped in convoluted tubes that are parallel to the tube axis or at an angle of 90 degrees. This type of paper tube can be made by the parallel paper tube-making machine.

parallel paper tube making machine

Spiral paper tube: In a helically wound paper tube, the paper layer or layers in the helically wound tube are wound at an angle to the axis of the tube.

The classification can be divided into the following six categories:

Spandex paper tube

Accurate geometric size and weight, high strength, professional slotting, automatic production by imported equipment, excellent quality, large production capacity, suitable for winding applications such as spandex yarn.

High-strength paper tube

High compressive strength, stable surface gap, widely used in large-scale winding industries such as papermaking and film. Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for high-speed and large-capacity winding, and its cost performance is high.

Small wall thick paper tube

Thin wall, flat end face, accurate length, suitable for adhesive tape, plastic wrap, medical and other industries.

Seamless paper tube

The surface has no joints, no waves, high smoothness, high strength, high straightness, high roundness, high surface hardness, moisture-proof, dust-free, and suitable for high-speed winding of various thin materials such as plastic films and metal foils.

Large diameter tube

The maximum outer diameter is 680mm, sturdy, and suitable for industries such as stainless steel, color steel plate, aluminum foil, copper strip, cardboard, and construction. It is characterized by large load-bearing, low-cost, energy saving and environmental protection.

Large wall-thickness tube

The wall thickness of the paper tube can reach 25.4mm, and the special requirement can reach 75mm, which is suitable for special purposes such as electronic glass fiber cloth, non-woven fabric, construction, and decoration.

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