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Popular factors of the JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine


JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine has gradually become an indispensable and important mechanical equipment in production and processing. It is widely used in various industries and has outstanding performance. For example, the drilling of pearls, as well as the need to drill holes in the walls during house decoration, can all be achieved by drilling machines. So besides that, what are the specific reasons why JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine is popular with consumers?

1. High efficiency and labor-saving
The manufacturer of the TCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine uses the hollow knife in the punching machine uses a sharp carbon steel hollow knife head, and then makes full use of the principle of density and space so that the material is cut as soon as it is cut. The tightness of the hole center can easily complete the drilling work, which virtually improves the drilling efficiency and helps the operator save a lot of effort.

2. Good craftsmanship, more outstanding details
TCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine has modern lines and a stylish body. In addition, the coil automatic punching machine is equipped with two modes of double holes and four holes for users to choose from. Under normal circumstances, it is the double-hole mode. The cardboard is fully unfolded, and the double hole becomes four holes in a second, which can easily meet various punching needs. In addition, the coil automatic punching machine is also equipped with storage compartments for accessories, drawer-type chip collection boxes, and chip removers, which not only optimize storage space but also facilitate cleaning and use. the

3. Fast tool change, high efficiency, and safety
Generally, the top 10 automatic punching machine manufacturers in the industry pay great attention to product experience, so they have very strict product design standards, and strive to improve product performance at all costs. The easy-to-operate coil automatic punching machine adopts a button-type one-piece tool change design, which makes the tool change operation very simple. Without any tools, the tool can be changed in one second with just one touch. Then it is plugged in and installed, and the tool change can be completed in an instant, effectively avoiding the difficulty of changing tools in a small space. And in order to further ensure safety, the coil automatic punching machine mainly uses durable ABS engineering plastics as the body shell and is also equipped with a protective cover made of high-density plastics to effectively protect fingers from injury. the
To sum up, the reason why the coil automatic punching machine can be favored by the industry and consumers is because of its high efficiency and labor-saving, quick tool change and high efficiency and safety, good craftsmanship, and more outstanding details. And now the coil automatic punching machine is constantly being updated with the upgrading of consumer demand to meet people’s pursuit of more convenient life.

Advantages of JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine

JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine is capable of punching stainless steel cooling holes, punching long oval cylinders for iron pipes, cutting stainless steel square pipes, and punching six holes for iron pipe shelves. Various complex punching tasks can be solved with one click. As a leader in fully automatic CNC hydraulic equipment, it is enough to punch and cut holes in the future, so what are the special advantages of the JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine?

1. In the process of operating costs of enterprises, besides material costs, it is labor costs. For 2nd and 3rd tier cities, business owners have to consider the huge pressure brought by labor costs to the company. By using automatic punching machines for coils Finally, it can greatly reduce the operating cost of the enterprise. Its operation is simple, saves labor costs, and can carry out continuous processing, so it is also praised as an automatic punching machine product with very good quality and quality in the industry.

2. JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine, in order to adapt to more work needs, improve work efficiency, and meet the actual work needs of different places, the traditional pneumatic clamps have been eliminated. The equipment adopts advanced hydraulic clamps, which are more durable and can improve the efficiency of the lighter. After the hydraulic clamps, there is no need to worry about the problem of scab removal.

3. In the process of modern industrial equipment processing and the production and operation of ordinary industrial enterprises, speed is pursued, and the production of large production lines has become a modern model. The punching speed of the JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine is relatively fast, suitable for a large number of production lines, and high compatibility of the production line, providing power for the production line processing, so the automatic punching machine is modern. One of the indispensable automation equipment in the development of enterprises, it has various types and the development prospect of automatic punching machine is good.

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