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Precautions for using ZB-D paper cup machine


ZB-D paper cup machine is a paper container made of base paper (white cardboard) made from chemical wood pulp for machining and bonding. It has the characteristics of safety, sanitation, lightness, and convenience. It is a common product in public places, restaurants, and restaurants, so how does the paper cup machine electronically control the cup collection? Let Zhengzhou JYD Machine take you to have a look.

ZB-D paper cup machine is an electronically controlled cup-receiving device. The cup outlet of the paper cup machine is connected to a receiving cup tube. The cup-receiving tube is provided with a counter. The cup-receiving tube is connected to the baffle. The baffle is provided with an electronic controller. The baffle is connected with the receiving cup holder, the receiving cup holder is provided with a counter, the receiving cup holder is connected with the rotor plate, and the rotor plate is connected with the receiving cup plate.

Advantages of ZB-D paper cup machine

1. Control the baffle with an electronic controller. When the cup is closed, the number of paper cups can be adjusted arbitrarily;
2. Reduce manual operation;
3. Improved the sanitation of paper cups;
4. Reduce costs;
5. The structure is simple and practical;
6. Easy to maintain.

Precautions for using ZB-D paper cup machine

1. After the preparatory work is completed, when starting the motor, you need to shout “It’s about to start”, and the motor can only be started when there is no response. (This is to prevent the operator from being invisible when the mechanic is repairing on the opposite side or behind the machine, causing unnecessary accidents).
2. Carefully observe the operation of the machine, take a cup to check the bonding effect of the paper cup, preheat, main heat, whether there is yellowing in the knurling area, and whether the paper cup is damaged.
3. Check the bonding effect of the bonding point, whether there are indirect defects, the bonding firmness between the bottom of the cup and the bonding point, and whether it is suitable for tearing. After testing the water, it is suspected that the cup is leaking. prevail.
4. During normal operation, if you find or feel that the machine is abnormal, first lift the cup body, and wait until the last cup is knurled before stopping the machine for inspection.
5. When restarting the machine after an unexpected stop midway, the fourth and fifth pieces of the large board should be taken out to check whether the knurled part is glued.
6. ZB-D paper cup machine operators should pay attention to the shape of the cup mouth, cup body, and cup bottom at any time during the normal production process, and check the adhesion, size, and appearance of the cup from time to time or check each piece by piece.
7. When the staff concentrates on the operation and finds abnormal noise or bad shape of the bottom of the cup, it should be stopped immediately for inspection to prevent further losses.
8. The operator must be serious and responsible during the production process, and test the cups made by himself with boiling water once an hour, 8 cups each time.
9. Before sealing the box, the operator should spot-check the number of small packages. After the inspection is correct, cut out the product qualification certificate or product pattern, paste it on the upper right corner of the left side of the carton, and fill in the job number and production date in the box. Finally, the boxes are neatly stacked in the designated place.


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