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Technical parameters of high speed saw paper tube cutting machine


High speed saw paper tube cutting machine, large-diameter reinforced four-head spiral paper tube machine, produces industrial paper tube equipment. Double-belt full computer frequency conversion control, automatic far-infrared photoelectric control round knife active tracking precision cutting, paper tube length can be adjusted arbitrarily. The new automatic lubricating system is more smooth when rolling the tube, the inner wall of the formed paper tube is smooth, neat and clean, and can increase the torque force when making large-diameter and thick-walled high-strength paper tubes. Fully automatic circulation double-sided glue spraying equipment, automatic lubrication of the bottom paper and glue on one side, and exclusive glue holder for the top paper without passing the belt.

High speed saw paper tube cutting machine the number of upper paper layers can be adjusted according to the demand, the body is exquisite and compact to save the production cost of paper tubes, and it runs smoothly without vibration noise during work. It is suitable for the production of high-strength spiral paper tubes with an inner diameter of 150mm-400mm and a wall thickness of 1-20mm. The coiling speed is 3-10m per minute. A complete set of subsequent deep-processing machinery and equipment for paper tube machinery can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical parameters of high speed saw paper tube cutting machine

1. Tube diameter: 150mm-400mm.
2. Tube thickness: 5mm-20mm.
3. Rolling tube speed: 3m-10m per minute, can be adjusted according to the automatic speed of the paper tube.
4. Coiled tube length: According to the required size, the precise cutting length is determined and controlled by far infrared.
5. Tube cutting method: high-speed sawing, the length of the paper tube can be set at will.
6. Gluing method: automatic cycle double-sided glue spraying.
7. Bottom paper and top paper: The bottom paper is automatically lubricated and glued on one side, and the top paper is free from the belt.
8. Paper loading method: Horizontal 45-degree turning paper loading frame, the tension of each paper is automatically adjusted at any time. 9. Paper quantity: 2-30 layers, it can be adjusted according to the weight of the paper and the thickness of the paper tube.

Features of high speed saw paper tube cutting machine

1. The main shaft adopts frequency conversion control, which has the functions of smooth acceleration and deceleration and main shaft positioning stop.
2. The central control part adopts high-performance PLC (programmable logic controller) control.
3. The operation panel adopts color touch screen man-machine operation, directly input the cutting length and monitor the running status on the screen.
4. The movement of the cutting table is positioned by the servo system, driven by a high-precision ball screw, and the cutting resolution can reach 0.01mm.
5. The cutting knife adopts high-speed sawing, the incision is smooth and smooth, and it is equipped with an automatic vacuum cleaning device.
6. The shaftless cutting method is adopted, which greatly saves the production cost of the cutting shaft.
7. Fully automatic in and out pipe operation and production, automatic fault diagnosis and early warning.

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