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Use tips of Two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine


Two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine has many features. It is a machine with automatic cutting and automatic drop tube, and it has the function of automatic shutdown when the paper is out of paper. When cutting, it can automatically change the speed and automatically return, and it can also be controlled by computer PLC, with a remote control port. Multi-point operation panel or digital function, the operation is very convenient. The circular knife automatically cuts, the cut is more stable, and the performance is also very stable. With more than 80 function settings, you can set the machine operation condition arbitrarily. It can be automatically glued and many other features.

Function embodiment of two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine

1. With self-locking function, after the swing arm angle is adjusted, it can automatically lock without shaking;
2. Equipped with an automatic heel cutting device, the cut is neat and free of warped corners, and the cutting length is optional and adjustable. One or two people to operate;
3. Wind the appropriate quantitative and wide paper tape into a parallel spiral paper tube machine with the required inner diameter and wall thickness (the 38 type is especially suitable for rolling paper tubes with small inner diameter and thin wall thickness);
4. Adopt three active stepless speed regulation drive rollers, the belt does not slip, the mandrel deformation is small, the belt pressure is large, the winding force is strong, the power transmission efficiency is high, the strength of the paper tube is good, and the appearance is smooth.

Use tips of Two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine

1. Before using the equipment, check the conditions of each part in detail, whether the electrical equipment and switches are in good condition, whether the electrical circuits are insulated, whether the screws and nuts are fastened, whether the protective devices are safe, and add lubricating oil at each refueling point, and drive the car empty Run for 1-2 minutes, and the equipment can be operated after it is normal;
2. Two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine must be in charge of a special person, and others are strictly prohibited from misappropriating it. It is strictly forbidden to place tools, cards, measuring tools and other sundries on all parts of the machine tool during work, and the staff are not allowed to leave the work post without authorization during operation;
3. When cutting low, if using a ventilated machine tool to cut paper, the paper cutting height should not exceed 125mm, and according to the size requirements, fix it with a positioning weight. The machine tool can only cut paper, and cannot cut other boards. Two or more people should cooperate with each other when operating. When working, it is not allowed to put your hands under the weight and blade to prevent cutting injuries. If you use a paper cutter, do not put your hands into the rotating mandrel to prevent crushing.

Features of Two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine

1. Two-head Multi-knife CNC paper tube machine has automatic gluing function (saving manpower);
2. It has the functions of automatic cutting, automatic tube drop and automatic stop when paper is out of paper;
3. The paper tube machine also has automatic speed change according to the actual situation to ensure the consistency of the length;
4. Various control methods, equipped with a remote control interface that can be connected to a computer for PLC control;
5. Equipped with digital functions and multi-point operation, it is more convenient for users to operate and use;
6. The active cutting with round knife ensures the stability of the cutting and the smoothness of the incision;
7. With nearly a hundred functional parameter settings, users can control the paper tube machine according to their actual needs;
8. High carbon steel and roll paper rubber knife are used to ensure the service life of accessories.

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