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What Is The Use Of Paper Edge Protector?


The paper corner protector is formed by pasting multiple wrapping papers and then shaped by the paper corner protector machine. The key ones are L-shape and U-shape. After being used for stacking goods, it can improve the edge support of the revolving materials and maintain its overall packaging strength. It is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging product that can replace 150% of wood for recycling.

paper corner protector

1. Paper corner protectors can bundle products together to make the overall package more solid.

2. Fixing the goods on the pallet can protect the products and their edges.

paper corner protector

3. Paper corner protectors can protect and support products during handling.

4. It can be customized according to the different specifications and requirements of customers. It can play the role of reinforcing the pallet during the transportation of the goods, so as to avoid damage to the corners of the edges during the handling, packing, and transportation of the goods. It’s made of laminated cardboard glued together, so it can be recycled and recycled. And it can be widely used in export containers without fumigation to save costs.

paper corner protector

5. Provide firm packaging for pallet transportation. Paper corner protectors can protect the corners of any goods on the pallet. It is used together with packing belts to make scattered electronic components and other items a solid whole to prevent the goods from tilting and collapsing.

6. It is very convenient to unpack the paper corner protector, as long as you cut off the packing tape or box film.

paper corner protector

Based on the above points, we pay more attention to the performance of paper corner protectors in our production. The raw materials and production process are relatively strict, such as using high-quality adhesive materials, choosing a paper corner protector machine manufacturer with guaranteed quality, and using a paper edge protector machine that suits your needs.


Here is the paper angle protector machine working process in our factory for your reference!!

As a professionals paper edge protector machine manufacturer, we  recommend the JYD-H40 paper edge protector machine, here are the reasons, why we recommend it to you:

1. This angle protector machine has a wide range of requirements for paper specifications;

2. Imported servo system, hydraulic cutting device, high cutting precision, can cut with multiple knives;

3. The product specification can be set arbitrarily, and the specification change is convenient and quick;

4. A variety of gluing methods are optional for users, with a controllable heating system, even gluing and smooth wrapping;

5. The operation of the man-machine interface is simple and convenient, and only 2-3 people are needed for the whole machine;

6. Eight sets of cylinder pressures are used to control the synchronous pressure rollers to ensure uniform speed and pressure, effectively avoiding wrinkles and damage to facial tissue;

angle protector machine

The paper corner protectors we can provide you include single-use L/V type paper corner protectors machines (with the function of making cardboard), U-type paper corner protectors machines, and L/V type paper corner protectors machines with punching. If you have any needs for corner protectors, please feel free to leave us a message online for more detailed information!!

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