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What Is A Paper Slitter Rewinding Machine?


The paper slitter rewinding machine can cut mica tape, paper, non-woven fabric and other products into two. It is divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The paper after cutting can be used for the manufacture of spiral paper tubes.

paper slitting and rewinding machine

The paper slitting machine is composed of a frame, a transmission system, a feeding and unwinding mechanism, a tension control device, a traction member, a slitting support, a waste winding and discharging device, etc. It cuts the raw material into several independent units. Its working principle is to fix the raw material on the discharge shaft. One end of the discharge shaft is equipped with a magnetic powder tension controller to keep the tension of the raw material constant, and then it is pulled by a pair of rubber rollers. The raw material is cut into several strips by a blade.

What Is The Use Of Paper Slitting Machine?

Paper slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide paper or film into multiple narrow width materials. It is often used in conjunction with paper tube machinery and printing and packaging machinery. The slitting and rewinding machine is suitable for high-precision wire rod slitting and rewinding of various paper, film, cellophane, aluminum foil, self-adhesive, plastic PVC and other roll-shaped materials.

paper slitting machine

How Does A Slitter Rewinder Work?

The working principle is that the raw material is fixed on the discharge shaft, and one end of the discharge shaft is equipped with a magnetic powder tension controller to maintain the tension required by the raw material, and then the raw material is pulled by a pair of rubber rollers, and cut into several strips by the blade.

Here is the paper slitter rewinder machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Magnetic powder clutch and brake is a special automatic actuator, which transmits torque through the magnetic powder filled in the working gap, changing the excitation current can change the magnetic state of the magnetic powder, and then adjust the transmitted torque. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, suitable for high-speed fine-tuning and small and medium power speed regulation systems. It is also used to adjust the torque by adjusting the current to ensure that the tension remains constant during the winding process. Unwinding or rewinding tension control system. The main feature of the paper slitting machine is that the magnetic powder clutch is used as a resistance device to output a DC voltage through system control to control the resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch.


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