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E1100, 1300 paper cross-cutting machine

JYD-E1100, 1300 paper cross-cutting machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of A3A4 paper, film paper, printing paper, paper plastic composite, adhesive Stickers, PVC, PET, and other large coils.
It is the domestic high-quality large-scale coil cutting ideal equipment.


1. Host motor can accept frequency control, adopt Mitsubishi PLC control system, Taiwan Veinview operation screen, automatic counting, automatic metering, Alarm stopping, Automatic tension control, etc;
2. Feeding part adopts auto loading, feeding roller by air shaft auto-loading structure (3 Inch);
3. Frame adopts a 16mm thickness steel joint with slot steel, the Crosscutting knife seat adopts a casting heavy structure, the Guide roll adopts static balance treatment aluminum alloy guide roller;
4. Drive positioning traction to adopt servo system drive roller, feeding traction way is motor bring synchronizing wheel to transfer traction rubber roller. Rewinding plants adopt automatic collection and stacking;
5. JYD-E1100, 1300 paper cross-cutting machine is ideal for large coiled material crosscutting equipment, with high precision, and high speed, and collects neatly.

Main technical parameters of JYD-E1100, 1300 paper cross-cutting machine

SN Model YZH-E1300
1 Max Cutting Width 1250mm
2 Material Max Diameter φ1400mm
3 Thickness Request 30-300gsm
4 Cutting Length 300-1200mm
5 Cutting Speed 10-150times/min
6 Cutting Precision ±0.2mm
7 Power Supply 8.5kw
8 Machine Weight 4000kg
9 Overall Size (L×W×H) 7400×2200×2110mm

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