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High Precision Kraft Paper Tube Cutting Machine Automatic

Our kraft paper tube cutting machine can automatic finish the paper tube cutting with high cutting precision.The cutting surface of the paper tube is smooth and clean without burrs.


The kraft paper tube cutting machine has automatic paper tube loading and paper tube dropping systems. The entire paper tube cutting process is completed automatically, saving labor costs. And it can accurately complete the paper tube cutting. The cutting surface of the paper tube is smooth and clean without burrs.Integrated servo control, precise cutting size, simple operation, smooth cutting surface, and easy mold replacement.

kraft paper tube cutting machine

Paper Tube Fine Cutting Machine Application

It is suitable for the production of paper tubes with large batches and short cutting lengths. The cutting of paper tubes with high output is widely used in textile, stationery, sanitary products, fireworks, plastics, printing, packaging and other industries.

Paper Core Cutting Machine Advantages

Easy to operate;
Save time and labor;
Diameter length can be customized;

Kraft Paper Tube Cutting Machine Parameter

No. Item Date
1 Model JYD-1300
2 Diameter 25-150mm
3 Length 0-1300
4 Thickness 0-15mm
5 Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
6 Voltage 380V 3ph
7 Power 2KW

Here is the paper tube cutting machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Paper Core Cutter Machine Features

①Color touch screen humanized design, easy to operate;

②The cutting time of each pipe cutting is only 0.5 seconds;

③The circuit adopts PLC programmable control and has stable performance;

④With automatic closing, automatic tube clamping, automatic counting and automatic stopping functions;

⑤ Fully automatic operation and production, automatic fault diagnosis and early warning to avoid damage to the machine;

Paper Tube Cutting Machine Details

Ball screw
Screw drive servo positioning automatic production;

Pneumatic chuck
Convenient and fast operation, error-free and high stability;

Thickened body is more stable
The thickened fuselage provides stable operation and better quality;

Pneumatic tool table
The manganese steel blade cylinder has higher propulsion efficiency and faster speed;

Casing spindle
The shaft surface is smooth and wear-resistant, and the high-hardness and durable shaft body is selected for durability;

Fast cutting without burrs
A single knife can cut a variety of lengths with fast speed and high precision, and the cuts are neat, smooth and without burrs;


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