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15-30pcs / min Paper Tube Edge Curling Machine Semi Automatic

This paper tube curling machine can curl paper tubes with a diameter of 60-150mm and a height of 60-300mm. It can also be used to make cans, tinplate composite cans, etc.


The paper tube curling machine can efficiently complete the paper tube curling work, with a production speed of 15-30 pieces/minute. This paper tube curling machine can curl round paper roll cores or paper tube products with a diameter of 60-150mm, a height of 60-300mm, and a thickness of 0.7-1.55mm.

paper tube curling machine

Paper Tube Edge Curling Machine Application

The curled products are used in various gift paper cans, tea cans, food packaging paper cans, cosmetics, electronic products, health care products, stationery paper cans, and other fine paper cans.

curled paper tube

Paper Tube Curling Machine Parameters

Model JYD-JB110
Tube diameter 60-150 mm
Tube height 60-300mm
Tube wall-thickness 0.7-1.5 mm
Working air pressure 0.2-0.6 MPA
Main motor 2.5 KW
Product speed 15-30pcs / min
Feeding way Manual/fixed time
Mainframe size 1100*1100*1700 mm
Weight 480 KGS
Way of propelling Top-down advance
Way of fix&feed Pneumatic

Here is the paper tube curling machine YouTube video working feedback from our customer for your reference!!

Paper Tube Curling Machine Advantage

1. Precision manufacturing, stable performance

2. Easy to operate, no dead ends in 360 degrees

3. The equipment is safe to use and has high work efficiency

4. This paper tube curling machine can be rolled inward or outward by changing the grinding tool.


A paper tube curling machine is a device used to make paper tube curls, which plays an important role in the packaging industry. It can quickly and accurately produce paper tubes of various specifications and shapes to meet different packaging needs, it can curl 30 pcs of paper tube per min. If you have a higher production curling speed, we also have a station paper tube curling machine, For more details, welcome to contact us freely online!!

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