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Paper Tube Machine Features


The paper tube machine has the features of simple structure, convenient operation, high work efficiency, wide adaptability to paper, and excellent quality of paper tubes produced.

The paper tube machine is also called the paper roll making machine and the paper core tube making machine.

paper tube machine

Paper tube machines have been applied to all walks of life, driving economic development and improving industrial efficiency.

It is mainly composed of a paper feeding mechanism, a paper cutting mechanism, a reel mechanism, and a reel mechanism. Movement is basically controlled and coordinated by the outer diameter detector.

paper tube machine

There are 3 pressure rollers on the drill rod of the reel frame, and 2 supporting rollers on the bottom. Rockers are installed at both ends of the supporting rollers, which can be pressed tightly with the drill rod through the transmission of the connecting rod and the pedal. Or separated, there is a roller and meshing large and small gears at one end of the drill rod, and a chain and a sprocket are installed in the middle of the drill rod frame. High work efficiency, low labor intensity, adjustable inner and outer diameters of paper tubes, adjustable length of cutting paper tubes, suitable for rolling paper rolls in the flower explosion industry.

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paper tube making machine

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