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ZP-D600 Full automatic paper plate machine

ZP-D600 Full automatic paper plate machine is developed and designed according to market demands. It is a hydraulic automatic paper dish forming machine with the owned unique intellectual property right, which has functions such as automatic mechanical paper feeding, hydraulic forming, pneumatic dish ejecting, temperature constant controlling, etc., so ZP-D600 is the ideal equipment to produce various specifications of paper plates, such as, circular, square and other shaped paper plates.


ZP-D600 Full automatic paper plate machine compared with traditional automatic paper plate machines, ZP-D600 combines pneumatic and mechanical principles with the hydraulic machine and has higher production speed, more stable performance, safe operation, more humanized structure design, etc.
ZP-D600 adopts the fast oil pressure system, the maximum
pressure can reach 5T. It has the advantages of faster, environmental protection, and energy saving compared with the common cylinder.
ZP-D600 is widely used in productions that use original papers or aluminum foils as raw materials.

Technical Specification of ZP-D600 Full automatic paper plate machine

Model ZP-D600
Diameter of Paper Dish 4-15inches
Capacity 80-140Pcs/min, Double stations
Power Source 380V 50HZ
Total Power 8KW
weight 1400Kg
Machine Dimension 4000*1500*1880mm
Raw Material 100-800g/m2(original paper, white paperboard, white cardboard, aluminum foil or others)
Air Source Working pressure0.4Mpa Working air volume 0.3m3/min

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