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Sharp Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With High Speed

This sharp bottom paper bag making machine with high speed is suitable for making various types of paper weighing 40-80 grams and widely used in our daily life.


The sharp bottom paper bag-making machine with high speed is an efficient automated packaging equipment that can produce various bags with a length of 150-750mm, a width of 80-320mm, and a weight of 40-80 grams. It can produce 600 bags in one minute and is widely used in industries such as food, cosmetics, and medicine. Its emergence has greatly improved production efficiency and reduced labor costs.

 Paper Bag Making Machine
Here is the Sharp bottomed paper bag making machine with high-speed YouTube video  for your reference:

Sharp Bottom Paper Bag-Making Machine Feature

1. Sharp bottom paper bag-making machine is suitable for various papers between 40-80gsm.
2. A V-bottom paper bag-making machine can control bag length through the human-machine interface.
3. The PLC system can calculate parameters correctly.
4. This high-speed paper bag-making machine is equipped with an accurate photocell system.
5. The automatic paper bag manufacturing machine is cut with the painted cutter.

 Paper Bag Making Machine

Automatic Sharp Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine Parameter

Model ZXJD-750
Length Of Cutting Bag 150-750 mm
Bag Width 80-320 mm
Insert Size 20-140 mm
Bag Mouth Height 15/20 mm
Bag Speed 50-600pcs/min
Paper Feed width 200-920 mm
Paper Material Diameter 200-1000 mm
Paper Material Thickness 40-80 g/㎡
Working Air Curvent ≥0.12m³/min,0.6-1.2Mpa
Electric Power 380V 3 phase 4 wire 15kw
Total weight 4000kg
Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 7500*1700*2100 mm

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine Advantage

1. The v-bottom paper bag-making machine adopts an advanced computer control system, which has the advantage of high automation. It can complete a series of operations such as automatic feeding, folding, bonding, and forming of paper.

2. The high-speed pointed bottom paper bag machine adopts advanced sensors and control systems, which can monitor various parameters in the production process in real-time, ensuring stable product quality.

3. The paper bag-making machine has stable performance and high-quality product output. The machine uses high-quality materials and components, which are precision processed and assembled to ensure its stability and durability.

4. The paper bag manufacturing machine can also adapt to different specifications and materials of paper, with strong applicability.

5. The automatic paper bag machine also has excellent packaging effects. It can produce neat and beautiful paper bags that meet the packaging appearance requirements of different industries.

6. The high-speed paper bag-making machine also has the characteristic of high-speed production. It can complete the production of paper bags at an extremely fast speed, reaching hundreds per minute, far exceeding the efficiency of manual operation.

7. No manual intervention is required, greatly reducing human errors and negligence in the production process, and improving packaging quality and consistency.

8. The pointed-bottom paper bag machine also has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protecton. The machine adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which can reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions during the production process.

Paper Bag Making MachinePaper Bag Making Machine

In summary, the sharp bottom paper bag-making machine with high speed is an advanced packaging equipment with characteristics such as efficient production, stable performance, high-quality products, and energy conservation and environmental protection. Its emergence has provided convenience for production in various industries, improved the competitiveness of enterprises, and is an indispensable piece of equipment. If you want to know more about bag-making machines, please feel free to contact us online at any time.

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